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Teal Tree India was founded by Mrs. Gitanjali Bajaj & Mr. Aditya Bajaj, a mother-son duo. Gitanjali, a primary school teacher, was drawn heavily towards spirituality and natural healing methods. Even in her lessons at school, she has emphasized on healthy living. Her son, Mr.Aditya Bajaj, is a post-graduate in Marketing. After working with a start-up for nearly two years, Aditya, who is also a musician, suggested that she shared her ideas with the rest of the world. The two of them were unanimous with respect to the essence of Teal Tree India – holistic and healthy living. Their aim was not limited to physical health but also on emotional health. The two brands of Teal Tree India, namely, The Philotree and Tales of Turiya, are a reflection of their focus on physical and mental health, respectively.

The Philotree was born out of a desire to restore the balance that this fast-paced life had lost. It’s not another appeal to go back to Mother Nature, instead, it is a gentle reminder that our definition of ‘health’ is shifting every day. As easy as it is to complicate life, we bring you our products that are a simple answer to common beauty woes. Our products are handmade and thought out to enhance the beauty you already possess.

Tales of Turiya was conceptualised by Ms. Arushi Bradu. A psychologist by profession, her love for philosophy and mental health can be seen well-synchronised in the brand. According to Advaita philosophy, Turiya refers to the fourth state of consciousness. The three states of consciousness being waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep, which are experiential in nature. Turiya is understood as liberation, a state where one experiences infinity and oneness, and is free from duality. Tales of Turiya encourages one to think about this nonduality of oneself and realise the idea that even though we all have different stories to tell, there is an element of unity that brings us all together. The accessories and clothes by the brand have one element that occurs in all while still being different from the other.

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