Teal Tree India was founded by Mrs. Gitanjali Bajaj & Mr. Aditya Bajaj, a mother-son duo. Gitanjali, a
primary school teacher, was drawn heavily towards spirituality and natural healing methods. Even in
her lessons at school, she has emphasized on healthy living. Her son, Mr.Aditya Bajaj, is a
post-graduate in Marketing. After working with a start-up for nearly two years, Aditya, who is also a
musician, suggested that she shared her ideas with the rest of the world. The two of them were
unanimous with respect to the essence of Teal Tree India – holistic and healthy living. Their aim was
not limited to physical health but also on emotional health.
The Philotree was born out of a desire to restore the balance that this fast-paced life had lost. It’s not
another appeal to go back to Mother Nature, instead, it is a gentle reminder that our definition of
‘health’ is shifting every day. As easy as it is to complicate life, we bring you our products that are a
simple answer to common beauty woes. Our products are handmade and thought out to enhance the
beauty you already possess.

The Philotree

Gitanjali Bajaj

Aditya Bajaj