Coconut & Nigella Seed Hair Oil


SLOWS DOWN PREMATURE GREYING: Amla is rich in vitamin C. In fact, the surplus of vitamin C in amla helps in stopping premature greying. Kalonji(Nigella Sativa) has some powerful antioxidants, and it offers a high level of anti-aging benefits. The antioxidants present according to research can counteract the effects of free radicals that causes aging (graying of hair).

 Infused with Black Sesame Seeds, which are proven to make your hair stronger. It may help to prevent hair breakage and split ends. Those emollient and occlusive properties mean sesame oil fills in gaps and forms a protective seal on the hair.

REDUCES DANDRUFF & HAIRFALL: This hair oil is blended with the goodness of rich ingredients like Kalonji, Amla, Black Sesame Seeds & Fenugreek which help in reducing dandruff and hairfall naturally.

MAKES HAIR STRONGER FROM ROOTS TO TIPS: Amalgamation of natural herbs and oils which makes your hair stronger from roots to tip. It stimulates hair follicles for improved hair volume & growth.

BOOSTS HAIR GROWTH: All the herbs presents along with the blend of Coconut & Castor Oil help promote hair growth and deeply hydrate the scalp.

Get your sheen back!